CWS Milestones



  • Cyber Counselling for Youth, an innovative programme jointly organized by CWS, the South East CDC and the Brothers of St. Gabriel to provide online counselling to secondary school students. This programme received the New Volunteer Initiative (2002) from the then Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
  • Villa Francis Home, CWS took over the management from the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood.


  • Good Life @ South East Centre, organised jointly by CWS, South East CDC and Marine Parade CCC, to promote productive aging, focusing on the preventive and developmental aspects of aging.


  • St. Theresa's Home established in 1935, came under the management of CWS succeeding the Little Sisters of the Poor who were leaving Singapore.
  • Funded Family Life Society and Morning Star Community Services (2003-2008) to support their operations.


  • Catholic Aids Response Effort Shelter, to provide shelter to HIV patients who were homeless and rejected by their own families.
  • Aid to Tsunami Victims - Contributed $100,000 of anonymous donations through the Archdiocese of Singapore in aid of the December 26, 2004 tsunami victims in neighbouring countries.
  • Study and Restructuring of Catholic Charities in Singapore - Decision for CWS to remain autonomous and to concentrate on providing direct services to the poor.


  • Approval of New Constitution of CWS by the ROS (2007)
    Strengthening corporate governance and updating the Constitution to allow CWS to be more responsive to changes in social services.


  • Celebrates 50 Years of Caring
    CWS celebrates its 50th Anniversary with a theme of thanksgiving and gratitude.


  • YouthReach (in partnership with Boys' Town), an outreach programme inaugurated in July 2010 to reach out and help vulnerable youth.

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