Emmanuel Second Chance Education (ESCE) Programme

The Emmanuel Second Chance Education (ESCE) Programme is one of several life-changing programmes through education run by Catholic Welfare Services, Singapore.

Benefits of the ESCE Programme

The primary objective of the ESCE Programme is to provide financial assistance, and journeying with persons who have faced some adversity in their lives and desire a second chance at a brighter future by continuing their education at a college, university, vocational or technical school.

There are no pre-specified restrictions on the type of course, the learning institutions or the age limits imposed on the applicants. The Board of Trustees will exercise its discretion on the suitability of the proposed course of study and the applicants based how likely the individual applicant would benefit from the Programme.

A differentiating feature of the ESCE Programme is that besides receiving financial assistance, participants of the Programme will also be automatically signed onto the CWS-ESCE Mentoring Programme under which each participant will be assigned a personal mentor/counsellor who will journey with him or her throughout the duration of the programme. Recipients of the ESCE grant are required to participate fully in the CWS-ESCE Mentoring Programme and such participation will be considered in the annual review of the grant.

This grant will be provided to individuals who best meet the requirements set forth by the Board of Trustees. Grant amounts are at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. The grant is subject to annual review and renewal.

All applications and supporting documents must be submitted no later than 26 April 2021.

Qualifying Criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a Singapore citizen or Permanent resident
  2. Must have obtained acceptance or conditional acceptance to a part-time or full-time course of higher education or training
  3. The proposed course of higher education or training will provide the applicant with employable skills.
  4. Demonstrated by his or her application, personal interview and references that he/she has faced some adversity other than financial constraints, and is committed to changing his/her future by pursuing the proposed course of higher education or training.
  5. Needs financial assistance in order to be able to pursue further education or training.
  6. Assessed to have a reasonable chance of succeeding in the proposed course of study or vocational training.

Application Procedures

Download the application form from our website.

Applicants must deliver the completed application form and all requested documents to:
 Emmanuel Second Chance Education Programme
 Catholic Welfare Services
 55 Waterloo Street
 #06-01 Catholic Centre
 Singapore 187954

Or to one of our Channel Partners:

AApplicants may be requested to attend interviews with the Board of Trustees. Successful recipients will be notified by post.


Interested persons who need additional information on the Programme or application procedures may contact:

Mr. Jason Rodrigo
Tel: 6339 4711
Email: jason@catholicwelfare.org.sg

Mr. Ian Michael Binny
Tel: 84840008