MC Sisters

MC Sisters to perform pastoral care
at St. Theresa's Home

The Gift of Love Home (GOLH) was established in 1987. It comes under the purview of the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). The GOLH has all along been run by the Missionaries of Charity Sisters (MC Sisters) under the auspices of the Catholic Welfare Services (CWS).

The GOLH moved to its present Jurong premises in 2012 from Thomson Road. The home has a capacity to house up to 50 destitute persons but is not allowed to accept residents on its own accord except when approved by MSF. Over the years, the number of destitute persons sent by the MSF to the GOLH has dwindled. As of June this year, there were only 22 residents.

The MC Sisters had been discerning over the past few years to give up operating the GOLH. The Sisters made their decision, because the increasing demands of running the Home was not aligned with their Order’s charism and way of life. The signs of the present time is another indication that the GOLH is no longer needed as the destitute persons sent by MSF to the home became fewer and there is no shortage of beds at other Welfare Homes in Singapore. To facilitate the MC Sisters’ decision, CWS took direct control of the GOLH on July 2, 2018 for the good of the residents, with the aim to continue running it as a Destitute Home.

In order to provide the best medical care to the residents, a recent assessment revealed that some residents were already qualified for admission to Nursing Homes (classified as Category 3) whereas GOLH catered only to more able-bodied residents (classified as Categories 1 and 2). Needing more nursing care, Category 3 residents were intra-transferred to CWS’ own St. Joseph’s and St. Theresa’s Nursing Homes. A few had to be transferred to other MSF funded welfare homes leaving GOLH with only 8 residents.

CWS also operates another destitute home in collaboration with the St Vincent De Paul Society, namely the St Vincent Home (SVH) in Waterloo Street. The SVH can accommodate up to 20 residents and is operating at near maximum capacity.

Besides the GOLH and SVH for destitute persons, CWS also operates three nursing homes namely St Theresa's Home, St Joseph's Home and Villa Francis. Together, these three homes can cater to a maximum of 852 residents requiring nursing care and hospice services.

It is not viable or meaningful to run the GOLH home meant for 50 residents with only 8 residents when there is no shortage of beds at other welfare homes in Singapore. Every effort will be made to ensure that these 8 remaining residents will be transferred to other welfare homes where they will be well taken care of.

The MC Sisters will be taking on the role of pastoral care for residents at St. Theresa’s Home when the GOLH ceases operations in mid-October 2018. The Archdiocese and Catholic Welfare Services are very grateful to the Missionaries of Charity Sisters for the love and care they have been providing to the destitute in Singapore since the founding of the Gift of Love Home more than 30 years ago.

CWS which is dedicated to protecting the preciousness and dignity of life and journeying with those in need to live life to the fullest, will continue to work harder to assist the homeless, to befriend them and to work with them to overcome their difficulties. CWS and the MSF are working closely toward this end.

The Archdiocese, the Missionaries of Charity Sisters and the Catholic Welfare Services would like to express their heartfelt thanks to all benefactors and volunteers of the Gift of Love Home who have brought love and joy to the residents there all these years.