CWS Credo

We value the indispensable contributions of all who make the fulfilment of our Mission possible.

Employees - Our employees are our most valuable asset

  • We respect and protect the integrity of each and every staff member
  • We value the profession of each individual
  • We provide an ethical, safe and secure working environment
  • We give fair compensation
  • We support and promote work-life balance, and encourage personal development of staff so that they may live life fully
  • We see to the pastoral care of all staff

Families - we care for our beneficiaries and their families

  • We provide education and training as care-givers, to families and their helpers
  • We strive to provide the conditions for the bonding of beneficiaries with their families
  • We provide pastoral care to families and care-givers

Donors and Volunteers

  • Our relationship with donors and volunteers is grounded on mutual trust and integrity
  • We build long-term relationships, founded on mutual trust developed through transparency, accountability and good stewardship
  • We recognize the value of every contribution from our donors and volunteers, who embody the spirit of gratitude through their giving