Our Programmes: Youth Services


Admission Criteria

  1. The person has been assessed to have an IQ level of 50-70, with concurrent significant limitations in adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social and practical adaptive skills (school report and report from psychologist must be submitted)
  2. The person should be medically fit.
  3. The psychological assessment should not exceed two years prior to the date of referral.
  4. The adult is at least 18 years and above during the year of admission into Hearts@Work.
  5. At the time of admission to Hearts@Work, the adult should possess a basic level of self-help skills (for example, independent: toileting, grooming, dressing, eating and making simple purchases).
  6. At the time of admission, the person should be physically mobile and preferably travel using public transportation independently.
  7. Medical assessment should not exceed one year prior to the date of referral.
  8. The person should not have another significant disability, which may affect their ability to perform during the training at Hearts@Work
  9. At the time of admission to Hearts@Work, the person should be physically mobile and completely independent in toileting. The person must not have a history of severe psychiatric disorders.
  10. The adult must not have major disruptive behavior, such as suicidal threats, physical/verbal aggressiveness towards others, stealing, and self-injury.
  11. The person should be a Singaporean or Permanent Resident of Singapore.
  12. A means test will be conducted prior to admission.
  13. Catholic Welfare Services reserves the right to amend the admission criteria.