Our Programmes: Youth Services


Operations and Resources

To meet the aims of the program, the following options are considered:

Initial Training: to provide at least 6 - 12 months training for the young adults. The training period may be extended depending on the learning abilities of each individual. The training aims to equip the young adults with basic work skills, such as customer service, dishwashing, area cleaning or even simple production-line type of work.

Besides work skills, the program will help develop other important skills such as self-help, social communication, money and literacy as well as fitness, community living, discipline and proper work attitudes.

Upon completion of training, the adult person with intellectual challenges is expected to move on to one of the following:

Independent Work at company clients' work premise

This would be the most ideal situation. With proper training, the trainees would be able to work side by side with his/her regular co-workers at the employers' premises. However, we believe this will be open only to a very small group. Most of the time, difficulties in social integration and work attitudes are the greatest setbacks for the trainees working in mainstream environment.

Supported Work at company clients' work premises

Most of the trainees, although equipped with the appropriate work skills, can only function effectively with close supervision and guidance. More often, the clients need supervision to ensure proper social behavior and disciplined work attitudes. We believe that supported work program at the employers' premise is an achievable reality. We will source and work with prospective employers for suitable work.

Supported Work within the Center

For those trainees who are unable to work in company clients' premises, they can be trained to take on work such as mailing and packing at the center under the supervision of a job coach.