Our Programmes: Youth Services


Areas of Training

Training Program

The training program will be tailored according to the abilities of individual person as well as the kind of work that would be open to them for employment either independently or with support. Example (a) janitorial training will be given to trainees to prepare them to provide cleaning services to churches etc, or (b) skills needed to complete a production line and (c) service and food preparation skill for work in cafe.

Fitness Program

To ensure trainees maintain healthy lifestyle, for example, aerobic class gym or sports. Regular games of soccer, basketball, bowling will help build team spirit.

Money Skill

To teach trainees money skills, budgeting. Provide real-time training in buying lunch at coffee shops and food court and grocery shopping in supermarkets.

Social Communication

Trainees learn proper social behavior in public places, and appropriate ways of communication and greetings with strangers, customers and superiors.

Life Skill

This will include hygiene, self-grooming and preparation of simple meals for themselves. Trainees can learn how to make simple meals such as a sandwich and hot drinks.

Literacy Skill

To improve the trainees' reading and writing skills, hence they are able to better integrate into society.

Supported Work at company clients' work premises

Most of the trainees, although equipped with the appropriate work skills, can only function effectively with close supervision and guidance. More often, the clients need supervision to ensure proper social behavior and disciplined work attitudes. We believe that supported work program at the employers' premise is an achievable reality. We will source and work with prospective employers for suitable work.

Supported Work within the Center

For those trainees who are unable to work in company clients' premises, they can be trained to take on work such as mailing and packing at the center under the supervision of a job coach.