Our Programmes: Youth Services


Hearts@Work is a project initiated by CWS in November 2009 to provide vocational training and supported employment to adults with intellectual challenges. Any persons aged 18 and above, with intellectual challenges who, because of their age limit, are no longer eligible for entry in a formal school setting, are eligible to apply.

Our objective is to establish a self-sustaining community for adults with intellectual challenges where they are encouraged, nurtured and given a sense of dignity and belonging thus empowering them to live and work independently to their highest potential. The community also seeks to recognize and affirms the gifts of each special person. Means testing will be conducted and priority will be given to the needy.

We aim to provide continual education that takes care of the following needs of the individual with intellectual challenges:

We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and activities within the community.

Awareness of God's Grace, Love and Friendship, and most importantly a sense of self respect which is a gift from God, regardless of race or religion.

Social Skills
Well-integrated socially with families, friends and church. Disciplined social behavior that gives acceptance.

Work Skills
We aim to provide training and an authentic working environment so as to develop our special persons' work skills according to their interests and abilities.

Head of Agency:

Mr Andrew Ong


1259 Upp Serangoon Rd
c/o Church of Nativity of the BVM


6284 8010