About Catholic Welfare Services Singapore

Catholic Welfare Services (CWS) was founded in 1959 on the spirit of the Good Shepherd to lead people to love and fulfillment, and the Spirit of the Good Samaritan to help those who have fallen along the way.

Over the years, CWS has grown to become an action arm of the Catholic Church in Singapore, alleviating poverty and distress among the lost sheep of society, irrespective of race or religion, by being their caring shepherd.

Message to All Our CWS Friends on Social Media

Greetings and warmest wishes from CWS.

Our deepest gratitude to all for your most generous donations to CWS during these difficult times.

It has come to CWS attention that some of you have attempted to raise funds for CWS using social media. For this, we are truly grateful. However, please do take note that any financial appeal that goes beyond your family and friends is considered a public appeal and would require a signed contract between the fund raiser and CWS, in addition to the approval of the relevant authorities concerned.

Very often, social media fund raising messages sent to family and friends are further circulated, albeit with good intentions, and end up going viral. CWS has not, and will not, endorse any fund raising appeal for donations whereby donors are requested to remit their donations to other than CWS (the Catholic Welfare Services) directly.

If you have any questions, please do contact CWS CEO Mr James Chew via email or at office telephone: 63377954.

Our Journey (1959-2019)

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Our Services & Programmes

From its humble beginnings of providing food relief to the poor, CWS services & programmes now include: